Fashion Meets Function With Smart Fabrics

From the article:

"Clothes that monitor your health or measure your movements. Fabrics that purify water using nothing but the sun as an energy source. A shirt that can take an electrocardiogram or become cool at extreme temperatures. Textiles are undergoing a radical transformation due to their potential to be embedded with technology, improving people’s everyday lives. An instrumental force in the fourth industrial revolution, changes in textiles not only will have a positive economic effect on the industry itself, but on health care and the environment."

"...From simple to complex, scientific strides in the following areas have allowed smart textiles to flourish:

  • Nanotechnology (the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular and supramolecular scale) has made it possible to integrate small molecules to almost any structure, enhancing features such as stain repellence, antimicrobial protection, health and wellness, and colorfastness. Examples are already being produced by such companies as SilverClear, Nanosphere (acquired by Luminex) and Nanophase...."

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