SilverClear® - A powerful antibacterial and bactericidal agent

SilverClear® is an antibacterial and bactericidal liquid solution for the treatment of materials based on silver which is colorless, economical, ecological, easy to apply, and does not affect the feel of the material.

Formulated from silver, a powerful antibacterial agent, SilverClear® creates a strong coating which inhibits the growth and kills bacteria. The coating forms a colorless and transparent cross-linking polymer matrix.   
One of the most innovative aspects of SilverClear® is its bactericidal action. Most antimicrobial products are bacteriostatic, which means. they inhibit the growth of bacteria. Not only does SilverClear® completely neutralize the proliferation of bacteria, but it also destroys the bacteria practically on contact.  

SilverClear® is...


SilverClear® is an ecological liquid solution containing no harsh solvents. This feature compares advantageously to antimicrobial solutions from competition provided that no solvent and no toxic chemical remain on the finished antimicrobial product treated with SilverClear®.


SilverClear® can by applied to various substrates. Some examples of substrates : fibers and yarns, textile fabrics, papers, filtration materials, woven and non-woven materials, membranes, plastics and composites.

In addition, the antimicrobial properties of SilverClear® may be implemented with other important/critical surface properties such as water and oil repellency, stain protection, water resistance, oil resistance, wettability, absorption capacity, fire retardancy, flame resistance, static dissipation, heat dissipation and electrical conductivity.

Application of SilverClear® does not affect the feel of textiles, and their colorfastness remains unimpaired.


SilverClear® is a powerful antibacterial and bactericidal agent. Formulated from silver, a powerful antibacterial agent, SilverClear®forms a coating which inhibits the growth and kills bacteria giving an outstanding antimicrobial performance. The coating forms a colorless and transparent cross-linking polymer matrix.


The formula of SilverClear® has been developed to promote healing. Therefore, products protected with SilverClear® are very safe to people. Among former applications benefiting of the hypo-allergenic and non-toxic characteristics of SilverClear®, there are wound dressings, and scar management fabrics : the product is not irritating or sensitizing to the skin or the injured skin.